It seems Japan Financial Banking and other groups are on the move to join the Ripple network.

Since Dec 2017 there have been multiple announcements and acknowledgements of large financial groups preparing to use and join XRP network for use of moving large amounts of funds quickly between each other.  This would reduce the time to confirm bank financial fund verification / financial settlements to minutes instead of days and help reduce fraud in the process.

Keep in mind - I am not say go out and buy Ripple XRP for a possible long term investment.

I do expect to see the value of XRP to continue to climb in value until mid-summer of 2018.

Then Ripple should settle in at a stable price afterwards with minimal price fluctuations.

This will make it a great Crypto-Coin for move funds around the world for personal use, businesses, and financial institutions.

It is very exciting to see businesses begin to grasp at the positive potential of cryptocurrencies and how if correctly used could make movement of financial information more transparent, quicker and verifiable.


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