AMBIS - is now offline for unknown reasons - 09/01/2017

AMBIS - still offline and no info from them on why.

Which means is was another crafty scam!

This has lead me to state at the end of 2017 - that I have not found a HYIP that was not a scam.

Do not recommend for people to invest in HYIPs.


We had high hopes for AMBIS, at then end of 2017.

That it would manage to be a profitable investment HYIP long term.

Shortly after investing, Ambis went out of business - no reason why, just the website was taken down.


Details on Ambis:

Investment fund. Plans: 3,6 - 4,8 %/per day.

Minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC.

The refund of the principal is allowed after 24 hours with 7% fee.

Any withdrawals will cost 7% of the amount being sent to you.

Withdrawal minimum: 0.001 BTC. Payment methods: Bitcoin.

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Currently be watched by many investment watchdog groups with no signs of being a scam!

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