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AMBIS - is probably one of the most exciting investment options for BTC this year!

It is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) using BTC bitcoins as the investment coin.

It is considered to be an easy to use hyper intelligent Bitcoin investment bot.

AMBIS - Auto Managed Bitcoin Investment Solution

You input the BTC coins into the online piggy bank and the AMBIS bot uses your investment to buy, sell and trade on the open exchanges.

Then provides you part of the profits starting at 4.8% daily returns!


AMBIS Program just launched in 2017 and has many positive reviews.

  • Nice easy to use website portal
  • Easy way to chat with the investment group to answer questions
  • Overall positive feel of being a real investment group.
  • Refund principal investment only after 24 hours with a 7% fee.
  • Allows for continued reinvestment of profits automatically or not, set at a percentage from 0 to 100%.
  • Can start investing with only 0.01 BTC - this means almost anyone can invest with them.

We have high hopes for AMBIS, that it manages to be a profitable investment HYIP long term.

Investment fund. Plans: 3,6 - 4,8 %/per day.

Minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC.

The refund of the principal is allowed after 24 hours with 7% fee.

Any withdrawals will cost 7% of the amount being sent to you.

Withdrawal minimum: 0.001 BTC. Payment methods: Bitcoin.

Click here to start investing with AMBIS today!

Currently be watched by many investment watchdog groups with no signs of being a scam!

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