Cryptsy - one of the best exchanges on the internet has been mostly none functional since the end of last year.



1. Hacked and Coins stolen - The lucky7Coin Wallet at somepoint had / has a backdoor that allowed them to gather enough information on the users and Cryptsy to hack the system and steal a large amount of coins.   Current estimated loss was: Our current customer liabilities for BTC is around 10,000 BTC, so as you can see we would like to see the Bitcoins returned for both our users and for ourselves.

2. Large amount of Phishing and DDOS attacks increase the problems and confidence of the users.

3. Some very critical articles and blogs were written about Cryptsy and what may have happened.



I recommended this exchange for many years and found it to be well designed, efficient, and easy to understand for users.

The security - if anything I felt was a bit too "Big Brother" but reliable and safe.

My hope is with the end users (like myself) and the business owners - that the internet community will come together and help them get back the stolen coins.


To get up to date info on the status of Exchange go to the Cryptsy Blog - click here.