Date: 07.04.2014

Greece is struggling with its debt to the EU.

The Greece Banks are closed for a few days and businesses are looking for ways to trade goods and services in a country on the verge of financial decay and fight off the extreme load of the new VAT taxes.

Some within Greece our looking to use BitCoin as middle currency between Business to Business, as well as consumers to help provide a currency of exchange that is fast and requires minimal government control.


Greece is being forced to limit moving money outside the country and more new investors are finding it harder to get new cash into the country to help friends, family and small businesses.

Having BitCoin and other alternative coins in use can help stabilize the country overall, but would be resisted by EU because it will in the short term reduce the amount to VAT taxes being gathered to help pay off the country's dept.


If Greece leaves the EU - exchanges and sales with cryptocurrency may just save the country financially.

It would be a currency not controlled by EU or USA - that they could use to get small businesses to large business back on their feet.

People could easily switch to it for general shopping at retail stores, and businesses.

Either Way - Greece will still need to some how pay off the debt and find ways to reduce the social benefits and in flow of immigrants that are burdening the country.