Download Link: PayCoin Wallet

If you upgrade to new version and can not connect to network or send / receive coins - here is some steps that should help:


A> Clearing out the old blockchain/repair wallet 

1. Backup your wallet if you haven't already: (File > Backup wallet in the Paycoin wallet)
2. Close the Paycoin wallet.
3. On windows navigate to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Paycoin (default location)
4. Delete everything in that folder ******EXCEPT WALLET.DAT***** Wallet.dat is your entire wallet contents, without it you will not have access to your coins, make sure you don't delete it. Always make backups before you update any wallet.
5. After you've deleted the database information, run the the paycoin wallet installation. The blockchain will begin to sync and any of the missing or orphaned transactions will be cleared.


If that does not solve the problem and your coins and transactions do not appear we can try a repair on your wallet.dat.

B> Repair Wallet.dat

1. Open your debug window by clicking "Help" and opening "Debug Window"
2. Click the "console" tab.
3. In the command line type and enter: repairwallet


This will go through your wallet and do some checks, repair any broken transactions and verify you're on the right blockchain.

Once your wallet is functional on newest version, then any stuck coins you sent should come back to your wallet and you will be able to use it like normal.


Download Link: PayCoin Wallet