Your Audit & Review on the Best Coins for End of year 2015 by

  • (Finished in the GREEN) DarkCoin DRK (DASH): Blockchain | Website | Jan 2015 value: 00060 BTC and Dec 1015 value: 0084 BTC | Feb 10th 2016 value: 0098 BTC
  • (Finished in the RED) Anoncoin ANC: Website| Jan 2015 value: 00067 BTC and Dec 2015 value: 00030 | Feb 10th 2016 value: 00065 BTC
  • (Finished in the RED) SysCoin SYS : Blockchain | Website | Jan value: 0000024 BTC and Dec 2015 value: 0000010 BTC | Todays value: Feb 10th 2016 = 0000014 BTC
  • (Finished in the RED) Atomic: | Website | Jan 2015 = 17 NXT and end Dec 2015 = 5 NXT | Feb 10th 2016 = 2.5 NXT
  • (Finished in the GREEN and still up since July 2015) BTC: Bitcoin | Jan 2015 = $278 and ended Dec 2015 = $428 | today value: Feb 10th 2016 = $380
  • (Finished in the RED - maybe SCAM) XYP: on opening day sold by high investors below promised value | 023 BTC | Feb 10th 2016 value: 000066 BTC

We did not do well at all on your hopes for these bitcoins in 2015, except for the BTC and DASH, still holding and gaining value since Jan 2015.

The other coins value is compared to BTC coin value, only the BTC coin is shown as a cash value.

Paycoin - has been and is a huge disappointment.. We hoped as a small time investor and active blogger at thier website - that it would be the coin to surpass BTC.
But now it seems GAW the promoter and seller of the coins - did not have what it took to make it a reality.


This is our List for best bitcoin investments in 2015 (as of 01/02/2015)

  • DarkCoin DRK (DASH): Blockchain | Website | (every year gets a little better - standard for a secure bitcoin.)
  • Anoncoin ANC: Website (one of the orginal coins built with better security in mind.)
  • SysCoin SYS : Blockchain | Website | (similar to other coins - focuses on business oppurtunities with bitcoins.)
  • Atomic: | Website | (Technically wallet service and not a coin | The ability to spend any coin from anywhere - very fast paced with no limits to growth.)
  • BTC: Bitcoin - it is expected to go up in price by late 2015 through 2016. update: (07/05/2015).



We no longer recommend XYP as a high preformer in 2015, but will keep an eye on it. - 07/05/2015

We do expect it to continue to grow in price as compared to the lowest point in 2015 - 1st quarter.

The coin is under new management and has a solid support for its infrastructure and systems.

Paycoin XYP: Blockchain | Website | Primary Exchange online wallet for XYP  



Please be responsible - like other forms of financial trading - the trade and investment of bitcoins can be very fluid and should be done so with caution.

Notice: We can not guarantee - these coins will increase in value - but it is our opinoin that they will do so in 2015.