There is alot of speculation on the soon to be opened website:


This new website is founded by GAW Miners and a landing pad for how to make bitcoins a reality of every day people.

We will be keeping an eye out and let you know.


Update: 01/03/2014 - now resolves to is a new online wallet, exchange, atm link, store front, and more for Paycoin and BTC coins.

Most features are expected to be available by end of 1st quarter of 2015.




Money has changed.

Credit cards haven’t.

PayBase saves you money by letting you bypass costly credit networks by sending and receiving money directly.

No Network Fees

No processing fees, ATM fees, overdraft fees or statement fees. PayBase saves you money.

256-bit Encryption

The funds you deposit into your wallet are protected by the same protection used by the CIA and all major banks.

Works Like Cash

PayBase makes transactions as simple, instant, and personal as cash.