High performance ASIC Scrypt Miners are coming to a town near you.

Will they unbalance the GPU miners chance to get some coins or make it easier for middle income people to get back into the game?


We tested the Black Widow with ZENMINER controller and "YES" it is easy to setup and works really well.

Our current test has the Black Widow GAWMINER average speed at 14.2 MH/s with top speed of 18 MH/s.

 BlackWidow-bitcoin-miner1 BlackWidow-bitcoin-miner2  


Note: We did have to connect the Zenminer too an HDMI monitor and USB keyboard the 1st time to get it to boot up.

But after that it connected and was quickly found on the zenminer website.


The Future of Scrypt Mining is here!

Now home miners can take advantage of ZenCloud Hosting for your Miner Rig.

Compete with the big mining companies and yet stay within a hobby budget.




Pick one of the new Miners from GAWMINERS be more competive with mining "scrypt" AltCoins.

Pick the coin that will go up in price, mine them, bank them - then sell for profite in the near future!


Happy Mining...