Much quiet talk about the Dark Coin is moving around the internet.


Darkcoin sml


Dark Coin

Does it have what it takes to be the next big coin - like Bitcoin (BTC).

It has many positives to Dark Coin over Bitcoin (BTC)

It does not take a super spy to track your movments in Bitcoin - once you are tied to an exchange or bank.

But with Dark Coin:

  • You choose whether the transaction is private or public.
  • Transaction are anonymous "from the wallet" - no third party is needed to make transactions.
  • DarkSEND - anonymous payment system - allows for your transactions to be private.
  • X11 - key founder in new (Pow) chained proof-of-work. It is one of the most safest and sophisticated crytographic hashes in use by cryptocurrencies.
  • X11 - gives CPU / GPU miners a 2.8x higher hashrate then scrypt miners.  This helps to make coin mining still in reach for home users and hobbyist.