1. Signup for a Free Lightcoin Wallet (LTC) - click here Litcoin.org

2. Join us at: LTC Rabbit - create a free account to Mine (LTC) Light Coin.

ltcrabbit 720x300 x11

3. Choose  a miner:

Computer with high end Video Card (Nvidia)

Computer with high end Video Card (AMD)

Computer Server with multiple CPUs



ASIC Miner Setup:

Choose: Web Hosted (ZenMiner Cloud) or Home / Work Solution.

ZenMiner Cloud:

  1. Purchase good quality ASIC Miner (Scrypt).
  2. Wait for Cloud setup usually 24 hrs
  3. Sign into website site: https://www.zenminer.com/ and choose "ZenMiner Cloud Login"
  4. Pick pool that meets your needs.

ZenContoller at Home / Work:

  1. Purchase good quality ASIC Miner (Scrypt).
  2. Once delivered to you - unpack and check for missing items.
  3. Purchase power supply at least 850watt CPU power supply from local IT store with easy return policy.
  4. Take paperclip and short out correct pins to activiate the power supply- see here - follow at own risk!.
  5. Attach Miner or other computer device like DVD and Test to see if power supply will turn ON / OFF with power button - then turn OFF.
  6. Attach correct power supply plugs - look at miner info that you purchased.
  7. (Note: When you test power supply - it will not stay on if it does not have a device 5v or higher connected to it.)
  8. Attach Zen contoller with usb cable from zen controller to miner.
  9. Attach network cable from internet modem/router to zen controller.
  10. Attach memory card to Zen controller (if not installed).
  11. Attach Zen controll power supply and check for activity.
  12. Turn ON power supply with on/off switch
  13. Watch carefully for 1st few hours to be sure the power supply does not over heat / catch on fire / other scare stuff.
  14. Miner will run a little warm, power supply will run a bit warmer - be in cool room.
  15. YES - it is loud depending on how many your have and size of units.

Setup Miner - go to: https://www.zenminer.com/ and choose "ZenController Login"


Choose "Change Hardware" and choose correct hardware Miner that you purchased.


Choose "Pools" from right side menu bar

Click + sign if needed and add your pool information.

NickName: LTC Rabbit

URL: scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3337

Worker: "your worker name"  example: omegamagnus.BW1

Password: "password for worker"


Heating Check: If it continues to run for 24hrs without heating problems you are good to go.



LTC Rabbit - Scrypt Pool Settings for ASIC Miner

Enter one of our scrypt stratum server to your ASIC miner interface

scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3335 (1028 fixed difficulty, ASICs)
scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3336 (2048 fixed difficulty, ASICs)
scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3337 (4096 fixed difficulty, ASICs)
scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3338 (8192 fixed difficulty, ASICs)
scrypt.ltcrabbit.com:3333 (128-8192 variable difficulty)
lowdiff.ltcrabbit.com:80 (16 fixed difficulty, cpuminer/behind firewall)

Username: YourLoginUsername.WorkerName
Password: WorkerPassword