1. Signup with CoinBase to have a secure online wallet - CoinBase

2. Join MinerGate - Join MinerGate to get access to free coin mining!


3. Download the correct mining software from the website. Go to top tab "Downloads" and choose the software that matches for Operating System.   
    Example: If Windows 10 - in most cases, you would choose: Windows 64bit to download and install.

  Bitcoin miningsoftware

4. Put in your email and password from setting up your account with MinerGate.

Miner login

5. Choose Smart Miner.


6. It should now show what Coin you are currently mining and how much of your CPU and PGU that you are using.

Smart BitCoin Miner

7. Warning: By default, the mining software will try to choose safe settings for your computer to mine all day.  If you increase the CPU or GPU: Intensity to MAX, it may overheat the computer or video card and cause damage to them. Be sure your computer has enough airflow and the room temperature is not hot. Pay attention to how hot your computer gets mining all day. You are responsible for your computer equipment and mine at your own risk!

8.  Once you have mined for a few days will start to see coins in the Wallet Section of the MinerGate Software.  Once the coins have been confirmed by the system and you have enough.  You can move them to an exchange to sell or trade.  Go to Exchange and move coins for trade, sell, and purchase

9. If you are saving them long term - convert them to BTC or ETH and move them to your CoinBase Wallet for safety! CoinBase Wallet





 Mining with Tablets and Cell Phone:

1. Go to your cell phone app online store and download - MinerGate Miner.

2. Use the same account name and password as your computer.

3. Choose to mine a coin and start mining.

4. Be sure the cell phone / tablet is plugged into a charger and has good wifi connection.

5. At least once a month move your coins to an Exchange or CoinBase Wallet for safety.