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    Bitcoin Terms, Concepts and Economics

    Easy to understand - terms, key concepts, and Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoins and Altcoin economics.   Read More
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    How to Bitcoin, Buy, Sell and Trade in bitcoins and altcoins.

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    Bitcoin Wallets

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    Bitcoin Exchanges - Sell Bitcoins for cash

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    How to get free Bitcoins and Altcoins using Faucets, Dice, Surveys and more

    Easy to follow info and links for getting free bitcoins and altcoins. Read More
  • How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

    How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

    Easy to Follow guide on learning how to do Bitcoin Mining and Altcoin Mining.   Read More
  • How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

    How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

    We recommend this product to be used while in conjection with buying, selling, and trading in bitcions Read More
  • How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

    How to Bitcoin Mining, and Altcoin Mining.

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    Our Passion of Technology and how it helps to bring freedom to the world. We are a Read More
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    High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) A High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) using bitcoin tend to be funds. Where a investment Read More
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IPV 300x250 (set 1)


Easy Mining for Computer, Cell Phone and Tablet (2017)

Effective, Energy Efficient, and can use your PC or Cell Phone

Join the group and mine some coin!


Very Popular and Easy to use Bitcoin (BTC & ETH) Wallet.

Coinbase - a Bitcoinoin wallet for everyone!

Designed for the consumer, not computer nerds!


Top Bitcoin News

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Top Bitcoin Reviews

  • BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 2Gh/s USB Bitcoin ASIC Miner

    Review: Bitmain Antminer U2 2Gh/s USB Bitcoin ASIC Miner



    This is an upgrade from the prior version with a huge heatsink attached.


    • The speed runs from 1.6 to 2.2 overclocked.
    • Yes - it performs as promised.
    • can be easily chained to same control system or computer


    • If using a USB port hub - you will need to skip a slot each time because of the oversized heatsinks.
    • no other major issues


    Price from $18 to $22 dollars each.



    Read More
  • Gridseed ASIC Miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin Mining



    Gridseed 340 KH/s on Lightcoin Review:

    In most cases we where getting at or above 300 KH/s during our testing of it for 60 days.

    It can reach sucessful mining speeds without the higher cost of electricity per month nor the compareable higher initial cost of a high end video card.

    This model generaly perform as promised, but not plug and play.

    Expect some tweaking and adjustments to get it perfect.

    But the tweaking and customizing is all part of the fun for Crypto-mining.




    Read More
  • GPU Mining - EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti


    EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti Superclock w/G-SYNC Support 2GB GDDR5 128bit, Dual-Link DVI-I, HDMI, DP 1.2 Graphics Card


    x11 mining software - we saw rates up to 2MHZ for exxtended periods of time.

    This is a significant improved to past tests with older Nvidia graphic cards and makes mining with X11 a way to get back into the mining game without too much overhead or entry costs.


    Read More
  • HashletPrime and HashletSolo - Review



    GAWMiners / PayCoin- promise of the perfect solution for bitcoin mining - had many issues during the pre-launch, launch and not keeping most of the promises on the product service that many of us purchased. The FBI is currently investingating what really happened.

    More information on this - PayCoin & GAW Lawsuit


    Original Info provided by Hashlet:  Published: Sunday, 07 September 2014 18:03



    Digital Cloud Mining (DCM)

    Effective, Energy Efficient, and Inexpensive

    The future of bitcoin mining is here!


    [ This is are review of HashletPrime and HashletSolo as of Sept 2014. ]

    We have been running some hashlets since the beginning for the rollout, and despite many people complaints about customer service and being  hard to get a hold of them.

    Overall the experience has been a Score of A + on the hashlets.


    I just wish we new the price would so dramatically go up on the original Hashlet, later to be called the HashletPrime.

    Because we would have boughten a lot more of them, and never regretted the choice.



    • Easy purchase with in most cases same day activation code emailed to you.
    • Nice and easy to use website to monitor and manage your Hashlets.
    • Profitable - most hashlet models pay for themselves in around 60 days.
    • Currently you can mine for SHA or Scrypt coins - with newer cryptocurrency in the works to be added.
    • There is no other reasonable way to mine for bitcoin / altcoin on the market today.
    • Zero pool fees
    • Never breaks down or causes you to replace burned out power supplies.
    • Adjusts to meet the needs of the particular mining pool it a part of to stay profitable.


    • All current payouts are in BTC - so no holding onto alt-coins to see if the value increases or not.
    • You pay a daily service fee of .04 per day, per Mh for Scrypt Coins | or .01 cents per day for 5 Gh in SHA256 Coins, the price is fair enough but there is no way to put a hashlet in stand bye mode.
    • All your eggs in one basket - if GAW Miner goes bankrupt - then you go bankrupt.

    Mining ROI:

    Basically your ROI (Return on Investment) is set to be about 60 days, after that you need to only pay the maintenance fee for the hashlet.

    After the device is paid off - you continue to pay a daily service fee of .04 per day, per Mh for Scrypt | or .01 cents per day for 5 Gh in SHA256.


    Hashlet Models:

    HashletPrime: (original model) Mining power starts at 1 MH per hashlet and it differs from other models by being able to mine any pool of our choice that they have on list.  Plus it will be upgrade for free as new options come along in the future.

    Downside: it costs a great deal more then other hashlet models and it has not clear originaly they would do this - the orginal promise was the Hashlet Prime, now they increased prices significantly and offer less models for this original price. (negative)

    HashletSolo: it is similar to HashletPrime except it only mines the pool that you choose a purchase and it costs a lot less to purchase.

    HashletGenesis: mines only SHA256 coins but starts at 10 GH per hashlet and is very inexpensive in price, as well as maintenance.


    Example Photos from Web Console:


    Service Fees (09/07/2014)



    HashletSolo 1 Mh:



    HashletPrime 50MH using the Zenpool:


    Read More
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